Perl Workshop 2015

Saturday 7th November

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Barcelona Perl Workshop is a one-day conference with all-level Perl related talks.


The workshop will take place at the Telecommunication Engineering School (UPC BarcelonaTech, Campus Nord).

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15/10/15 Barcelona Perl Workshop 2015 announcement

Barcelona Perl Workshop 2015

The Barcelona Perl Mongers are hosting a Perl Workshop this fall. Registration is open to anyone and free! Yes, that's right! A bunch of people sharing knowledge and experience for free!

We have talks for beginners and experts and about many different things. Whether you are JAPH (Just Another Perl Hacker) or just curious, we are waiting for you !

The Event

The Workshop will be at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya - Barcelona Tech facilities on November 7th, 2015. We have two rooms available, one of them with pre-installed PCs so the audience can code from minute 0.

The Talks

We have two speech tracks which last the whole day starting at 9:30 am until 06:00 pm. Talks are mainly focused on Perl but there are also other tech related topics like Bitcoins or an NGO that helps unemployed youngsters find a job in IT. We will talk about DevOps, Amazon Web Services and several other topics. And because it's almost Christmas there will be some Perl6 too.

The schedule is almost closed but not set in stone. So, if you have a really interesting talk, we may consider to fit it in somewhere.

The Sponsors

We thank the University for providing the facilities and support for this event. We really appreciate last year sponsors. Thanks to them we had t-shirts available and free lunch for attendants. Remember this is a free event and we make no money. But we do need to pay suppliers. So, do you want to be a sponsor? Send mail to


This city is a nice place to visit, and the Workshop is just one day long.

The Registration

You can register for free at´╗┐