Perl Workshop 2014

Saturday 8th November

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Barcelona Perl Workshop is a one-day conference with all-level Perl related talks.


The workshop will take place at the Computer Architecture Department (UPC BarcelonaTech, Campus Nord).

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The event has a symbolic price of 20€ (which includes an amazing T-shirt and coffee breaks). All speakers will have free entrance. If you want to be a speaker, please submit your talk as soon as possible.

Latest News

05/10/14 Deadlines and useful hints for hesitant speakers

The workshop organizers agreed a few days ago on two important deadlines that you should take into account if you plan to attend Barcelona Perl Workshop on Nov 8:

  • Oct 10 – deadline for proposals (acceptance grants registration for free); some talks have been already accepted.
  • Oct 24 – deadline for purchasing your workshop ticket (20€) or confirming your accepted proposals.

In case you'd like to make a proposal but have some doubts, please consider the following:

  • you can use any language you like;
  • the topic should match the regular Perl Monger profile, which doesn't mean that it should be directly related to Perl;
  • any experience level is fine (beginner, intermediate or advanced), but please pick the most appropriate so the audience can choose accordingly;
  • the duration can be 20, 50 or 110 minutes; though it's possible there will a lightning talks session, those won't grant registration for free.

In case of any doubt or question, please contact the organizer team.

16/09/14 Payment system is ready, more talks are needed!

We're happy to announce that the payment system is ready and you can purchase the conference ticket to confirm your registration to the workshop. You can choose to pay either by credit card or bank transfer.

Please note that everything regarding your bank account and credit card number is handled by the bank. We do not have access to your credit card information at any time during the payment process. We just get the money in the end ;-)

Remember that you don't have to pay if you're a speaker, so we encourage people to send more talk proposals. We have 8 talks already but the schedule is far from being full.

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