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Lightning talk



Once upon a time, web developers used to write small (or large) CGI apps, webservers (apache if you where lucky) and user connections where so slooow, and in many cases we had to connect to very slow backend (and old) systems....

From those days I keep in my toolbox a technique that I still find useful from time to time. It's to send content to the client before the server start to do some "slow" ops. Back then, the trick was to disable the buffering on the perl cgi script, nowadays we call it chunked transfer encoding and it was rather popular when long polling becomes popular.

It's very useful when you need to serve "static" (no ajax and such) versions of large pages and a great fit for async web frameworks (mojolicious, express-js, etc) where you can defer api-fetch&render ops. It makes the browser to render the page almost instantly on the client side besides the full page still takes the same "long" time to finish full rendering on the server side.

I would like to quickly show how it works nowadays with two small examples of mojo apps (sync and async) and optionally using nginx as reverse proxy (in 5 minutes).