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I started to learning Perl in 2006 and loved it till now.
Books I’ve read last years:
1. Learning Perl (O’REILLY pub.; 3rd Ed., Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, Tom Phoenix);
2. Open Source Web Development with LAMP (Addison W. pub; James Lee, Brent Ware);
3. MySQL & mSQL (O’REILLY pub.; Randy Jay Yarger, George Reese, Tim King);
4. Perl by Example (Prentice Hall pub.; 4th Ed., Ellie Quigley). => I love this book; best source for reliable answers, solutions, and code. Also I and Ellie Quigley now each other via e-mail (I wrote about some errors that found in her book and we acquainted…)
At this time, to become a stronger Perl developer, I’m reading and practicing with this books:
1. Intermediate Perl (2nd Edition)
2. The Definitive Guide to Catalyst (Apress pub; Kieren Diment, Matt S Trout)

To become a part of the WorldWide Perl Developers and to get an inspiration to find out the power (i.e. knowledge :-) ) for attending in a big and interesting projects I need to visit conferences. Also I have a own some projects to implement which I need to be a good programmer.

I wrote in Perl some small parsers and scripts. I can use CPAN and I'm working in Ubuntu.

I am from Tajikistan. I'm speaking in 5 languages: English (TOEFL PBT: 527), Turkish, Russian, Tajik and Uzbek.

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Regularly reading the Gabor Szabo's blogs (from his blogs I learnt about your conference). Now, with some IT knowledge at background I'm desiring to visit conference for expanding horizons.

I've worked once or regularly with this IT tools:
Programming: Object-Oriented Perl (not so good), LAMP, CGI and mod_perl, HTML::Mason, Web scraping, Regular Expressions, WML, HTML, XHTML & CSS, Perl DBI, MySQL …also PHP, CMS 1C-Bitrix, jQuery, JS
Systems: Linux (Ubuntu and openSUSE), VMWare
Software: Custom Google tools & systems, Perl DBI, Apache 1.3, 2.0 & 2.2, MySQL 3, 4, and 5
Adobe Photoshop 7 & CS2-6 (since 2003), Adobe Dreamviewer CS6 and Adobe Flash CS6, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice

I did more than 25 websites with 1C-Bitrix platform. I'm working in ISM.TJ team. Visit and to see my/our works.

1998-2003 Joint Tajik-Turkish Tursunzade School, Certificate in Computing
2003-2009 Tajikistan Technical University, Chemical Engineering, Diploma
2010-2014 Tajikistan Technical University, Computer Engineering

Other Act conferences:

Swiss Perl Workshop 2013