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‎Make Yourself Indispensable‎

Marc Egea i Sala (‎meis‎)
20 minutes - English - 05/11/16 18:00
Ok, so you got a job, now what? In this talk I will teach you all the secrets that will make you an indispensable member of your company. You will learn how to make your employer afraid enough to never fire you. Following my lead you'll be able to avoid all the future job interviews and you'll be enable to focus in the terribly time-consuming...

‎How to identify a good Perl programmer‎

Alba Ferrer (‎alba‎)
50 minutes - English - 05/11/16 11:00
Back in 2011 chromatic published a set of questions meant to identify a good Perl programmer. We'll take a look at those questions and how they are best answered today. Level is for beginners (though some knowledge of Perl is required), but there might be surprises here and there for everyone.