Saturday 5th November 2016

Barcelona Perl Workshop

A free one-day conference for Perl geeks and friends

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Not only Barcelona, but the very center: Saturday Nov 5th. Plaça Catalunya 1 3D.

Get there by Plane, Train, Bus, FCC or Metro. The event is FREE

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But not limited to Perl: we welcome attendees and speakers from any profession or programming language community. All sexes and sex orientations, sizes and ages. You only need to follow our Code of Conduct.

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Sort of. It's more like one-day conference. Talks, tracks, networking, meeting old and new friends, and overall: having fun. Show us your awesome tools and projects. We'll share ours.

Yes! it's this time of the year again. will host another edition of the Barcelona Perl Workshop, a one day tech conference with plenty of talks about Perl and other technologies.

Oh! and it's free to attend! You just need to sign in with your Act user (or create a new one if you don't have one) and register for the conference. There are limited places, so better hurry up!


Submit a talk!

We're finishing up the schedule, but there's still time to submit talks

We'll have some really good and experienced speakers but we'd really to give the opportunity to more people to talk about something they like.

You might think that you have nothing to talk about. Think twice. What you take for granted might be unknown for others.

Stay tunned, we'll start publishing the first talks shortly.

Submit a Talk

You have until the 26th of October to submit regular talk proposals. But it's possible to send lightning talk proposals after the deadline!

The Workshop will take place on Saturday, 5th of November, starting at 9:00 at CAPSiDE offices (Plaça de Catalunya 1, 3D).