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‎Jsmoo, Moo(?:se)? for Javascript‎

Francesc Gil
20 minutes - English - 05/11/16 16:00
In this talk I'll explain how and why I've ported Moo to Javascript/ES6 and I will give an introduction to the resulting npm module Jsmoo ( that lets you easily have attributes with lazy builders, coercions, roles and some other object niceties we enjoy when doing Modern Perl.

‎A bot to rule them all‎

Diego Kuperman (‎diegok‎)
50 minutes - English - 05/11/16 15:00
A long time ago, in we decided to write a jabber bot to run our deploys and I've written the first version of it over a rainy Sunday.... Over time, we have updated this to be able to talk on other channels (like slack), to have plugins and to be fun to interact with it. Every now and then we are playing around some more ideas for our b...