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‎Kubernetes for Dummies‎

H. Daniel Cesario (‎dcesario‎)
50 minutes - English - 05/11/16 11:00
An introduction to the Kubernetes container´s orchestration philosophy.

‎Jsmoo, Moo(?:se)? for Javascript‎

Francesc Gil
20 minutes - English - 05/11/16 16:00
In this talk I'll explain how and why I've ported Moo to Javascript/ES6 and I will give an introduction to the resulting npm module Jsmoo ( that lets you easily have attributes with lazy builders, coercions, roles and some other object niceties we enjoy when doing Modern Perl.

‎Faking GPS!‎

Albert Montane
50 minutes - Español - 05/11/16 17:00
There are plenty of mobile applications that rely on your current location to react accordingly: which restaurant are you having lunch on, how many time will it take to reach your destination, which Pokémon® are nearby... However, isn't it annoying that you really have to be on those places? Why can't you enjoy being the Major of your favorite cafe...

‎Docker para desarrolladores‎

Javier Moreno
50 minutes - Español - 05/11/16 09:30
Una introducción rápida al mundo de los contenedores con recetas para hacer que programar y desplegar en java, nodejs y perl sea más cómodo y fiable. Incluso desde Windows.

‎Perl, up to 5.24‎

Sawyer X (‎Sawyer X‎)
50 minutes - English - 05/11/16 12:00
What are the important and interesting changes that happened to Perl over recent years. What can we look forward to?

‎VDI free and open source‎

Fernando Verdugo (‎fv3rdugo‎)
lightning - English  
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure free and open source with perl, mojolicious, kvm, spice, and containers soon. All the code available on github: